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Elementary School

The elementary school curriculum consists of:

  • Reading Street Grammar, Spelling and Reading
  • Saxon Math
  • Zaner Bloser Handwriting
  • Wordly Wise Vocabulary

MDO1, MDO2, K3 and K4 classes are self-contained.  K5 through 3rd grade classes have one teacher/classroom per grade level.  Students in 4th through 6th grades rotate teachers/classrooms throughout the day.

  • MDO1 - Mrs. Mary Beth & Miss Alexis
  • MDO2 - Mrs. Abby & Mrs. Shabria
  • K3 - Mrs. Stephanie & Mrs. Patti
  • K4 - Mrs. Cheryl
  • K5 - Mrs. Dawn
  • 1st Grade - Mrs. Jones
  • 2nd Grade - Mrs. Robbins
  • 3rd Grade - Mrs. Hunt
  • 4th Grade Homeroom - Mrs. Davis
  • 5th Grade Homeroom - Mrs. Crowe
  • 6th Grade Homeroom - Mrs. Teaster

Students at the elementary level have the opportunity to participate in the AISA Art Show, Junior Beta Club, 4H, the AISA Spelling Bee, GATE, Student of the Month and the Farm City and Fire Safety poster contests.  In addition, the cooking cart visits the K3-5th grade classrooms once a month.  

Elementary classes participate in programs celebrating Veteran's Day, Christmas, and Graduation.