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Principal's Corner


Autauga Academy

 Greetings from the Headmaster



We, at Autauga Academy, are excited about our school and its future as we prepare for another school year.  This school consists of a community that binds students, parents, faculty, and alumni in a common purpose to make Autauga Academy the best possible educational community for the sake of our students.

At Autauga Academy, our goal is to maximize each student’s potential for academic achievement and preparedness for life in our world today.  This goal is accomplished through extraordinary opportunities and a quality academic program.  We also have a great tradition of athletic success in all of our sports programs and cheerleading programs.  There are critical life lessons to be learned on the field and court. 

At Autauga Academy, each student’s character and interests are important.  We maintain small class sizes to allow for more individual attention, which helps to nurture the development of our students.  I would like for everyone to know, whether you are a community member, an alumnus, or are considering Autauga Academy for your children, please do not hesitate to contact me or any member of our faculty.  My office is open to you at anytime.


Coach Jeremy Carter, Headmaster

"Go Generals!"