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Autauga Academy
Basic Philosophy


The academic and extracurricular programs are designed to prepare students to continue their formal education beyond high school and to meet the challenge of being good citizens of the United States and the world. Only by exposing our students to a program that challenges each of them to perform to the best of their ability can we ensure that they will be prepared to be successful and productive citizens of tomorrow.

Knowledge alone is insufficient in preparing our students. We will provide a Christian environment in which our students will work and grow. Personal honor, duty to God and country, good manners, and an appreciation for the worth of each individual are essential characteristics of the Autauga Academy student. The Academy strives to provide an atmosphere that will ensure that these characteristics are imbued in every student.

It is the responsibility of the Board of Directors (Trustees) to assure that the faculty and staff administers a program of quality education. In meeting this objective, each member recognizes the following educational principles:

  1. Individuals differ in their mental ability, physical stamina, application, background of learning, and other factors that determine progress in an educational program.
  2. Adequate educational opportunities must be provided for each individual to include a comprehensive program of academic subjects and extracurricular activities.
  3. Guidance and counseling services are essential to student placement, scheduling of courses, activities, and evaluation of academic programs.
  4. An educational opportunity must be provided for every individual eligible for enrollment in the school.
  5. Individuals should be placed in programs of instruction and extracurricular activities by guidance and counseling procedures that include conferences with the pupils, parents, and teachers.
  6. Students have the right to learn wherever instruction is presented on the Academy campus. Competent faculty, equipment, supplies, and instructional materials are absolutely essential to accomplish this program.
  7. Clubs, athletics, and all other school-sponsored activities are considered supplementary and secondary to the academic program.
  8. Because a student’s right to learn is primary, self-discipline should be stressed and appropriate disciplinary measures for deviating from the Academy standards must be a part of the daily program.