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Student Resource Center

Autauga Academy Student Resource Center


The Student Resource Center offers a wide range of elementary and high school services including:

  • Tutoring in specific subjects
  • Reading/spelling performance enhancement
  • Math performance enhancement
  • Language performance enhancement
  • Quiet test environments and support
  • Study and organizational skills

Sessions can be 1, 2, or 5 days a week and will be billed with tuition.

For more information please contact Jennifer McBride at (334) 365-4343 or talk with your child’s teacher.

If you feel that your child is experiencing difficulty in learning or retaining what is learned, you may find that the following steps are helpful.

  1. Set up a meeting with your child’s teacher and get input about the classroom performance and behavior.  They are trained professional educators and see your child in a structured learning environment.  They have a wide range of experience with that particular grade.
  2. Talk to your pediatrician about your concerns.  Try to rule out physiological factors by having a check-up, an eye exam, a hearing screening, etc.
  3. Think back over the start of their educational experience.  How long have they been experiencing difficulty?  If the changes in their performance is recent, what could have triggered this?  Have there been tremendous changes in their life at home or at school?  Ask others to recall with you so that an anecdotal record can be made.
  4. Consider sessions with the Resource Center here at Autauga Academy.  Sometimes a little assistance builds a student’s confidence.
  5. Ask the teacher and the resource teacher if they would recommend further testing.  If so, consider scheduling testing with a child psychologist, the Scottish Rite Learning Center (, or All for Children Language and Learning in Auburn (
  6. Stay in close communication with your child’s teacher.  Teamwork is going to be a vital part of your child’s success.