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Mission and Belief Statements

Autauga Academy Mission Statement


Our mission at Autauga Academy is to ensure a quality education for traditional students.  We provide this in a family environment that embodies Christian values, with small classes, a qualified faculty and a fully accredited academic program.  Autauga Academy ensures post-secondary success by offering a general and college preparatory curriculum.  

Autauga Academy Belief Statements

  1. Each individual is worthy of respect.
  2. A quality education includes a comprehensive program of academic subjects, as well as extra curricular activities and athletic opportunities.
  3. Family involvement is critical to the success of the educational process.
  4. Communication between the school, students and parents is vital to the success of our school.
  5. The commitment to continuous improvement is vital to the success of our school.  
  6. Students should be actively involved in the learning process.
  7. A feeling of safety and comfort is key to achieving optimal learning.  
  8. Students must have access to modern technology in the classroom to be competitive and successful in today's world.