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2023/2024 TUITION
Mom’s Day Out 
-10 month payment schedule

   2 day    $210
   3 day    $275
   5 day    $405

PreK-3 and PreK-4 (MUST be potty-trained to enter these classes)
-10 month payment schedule 

   2 day (this option is only for the PreK-3 class) $225
   3 day    $290
   5 day    $445

Kindergarten through 12th grade   
-12 month payment schedule

   1 child       $5,976    $498/month
   2 children $11,748  $979/month
   3 children $17,328  $1,444/month
   4 children $22,692  $1,891/month

2023/2024 FEES
Fees apply to K-12, unless noted otherwise.  

Non-refundable Registration Fee
   MDO and PreK Registration Fee, $40/child
   Grades K5-12, $120 for the first child and $60 for each additional child

The following fees may be paid at once or added to monthly tuition:
Textbook Fees 
   K5   $ 35
   1st-6th    $65
   7th-12th  $100

Annual Fee
   K5-12th    $1200/family

Academic/Activity Fee
   K5-6th  $50
   7th-12th   $200
   7th-12th Lab Fee $25

Chrome Book Fee 
   7th-12th   $100

2023/2024 Extended Care

Onsite extended care is available for children in the PreK-3 through 6th grade from 3:00-6:00 pm. 
Onsite extended care is available for children in the MDO classes from 3:00-5:30 pm.
An application is required.

  • 1 child     $160.00/month/child     $45.00/week/child     $10.00/drop in/child
  • 2 +           $145.00/month/child     $45.00/week/child     $10.00/drop in/child

2023/2024 Lunch

Elementary lunch served daily.
High school breakfast and lunch served daily.
A regular meal costs $5.50-6.50 (Meal cost subject to change)
Additional items are available for purchase.