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Board of Directors

Autauga Academy
Board of Directors

Meetings are in the Library - 2nd Floor Main Building
usually the last Thursday of each month at 6:30 p.m.

Executive Committee

Board President - Noah Hilyer

Vice President of Administration - Michael Kidd

Vice President of Operations - Vacant

Treasurer - Walt Middlebrooks

Secretary - Shea Dunnaway

Board Members

Chris Bulger 2020     -     Shea Dunnaway 2020

Noah Hilyer 2020     -     Kevin Gilmore 2019

Vacant 2021     -     Stan Hallman 2021

Michael Kidd 2021     -     Lee Carter 2021

Tim Moncrief 2019     -     James Grant 2019

Walt Middlebrooks 2019     -     Michael Burnett 2020


Terms expire June of dates indicated.

  Name Title Group Contact
Mayra Atchley Atchley, Mayra
Michelle Bramblett Bramblett, Michelle Instructor 334-365-4343
Gene Canavan Canavan, Gene Technology Coordinator and Instructor 334 365-4343
Bobby Carr Carr, Bobby Head Football Coach
Renee DeRamus DeRamus, Renee Bookkeeper 334-365-4343
Cheryl Durbin Durbin, Cheryl Teacher
Joey Fine Fine, Joey Instructor 334-356-6530
Alisa Gibbons Gibbons, Alisa Office Manager 334-365-4343
Abby Hinson Hinson, Abby
Lisa Hughes Hughes, Lisa Instructor 334-260-3258
Hannah Humphries Humphries, Hannah
LeAnn Jones Jones, LeAnn Instructor
Scott Lee Lee, Scott Technical Support
Emily Little Little, Emily Instructor
Megan Luke Luke, Megan Instructor
AAG Lunchroom Lunchroom, AAG
Ed McBride McBride, Ed Director of Technology
Jennifer McBride McBride, Jennifer Librarian and Resource Center
Ally Moscona Moscona, Ally Instructor
Greg Parker Parker, Greg Instructor
Larry Pickett Pickett, Larry Headmaster 3343654343
Rachel Pigg Pigg, Rachel
Marolyn Robbins Robbins, Marolyn Instructor 334-365-4343
Kristy Teaster Teaster, Kristy Instructor 334-365-4343
Scott Tubbs Tubbs, Scott
William Turner Turner, William Instructor 334-365-4343
Diane Wallace Wallace, Diane Instructor
Dawn Wendland Wendland, Dawn Instructor 334 365-8726
Sheila Williamson Williamson, Sheila Instructor 334-365-4343